The invention of "Swatch" watches

Swatch, a very popular watch, originated in Bienne (or Biel), Switzerland, a country known for its quality timepieces. Swatch is a watch with a fun, colorful, and unique design. These watches have helped the company find a unique place within the watch fashion world.

Watches used to have that one purpose, that is, to tell time. But it won't be the same these recent years, as they've also become a fashion accessory. Let's face it -- while our own old watches are functional, chances are pretty good they are not very up to date and fashionable for today's modern life and plain boring for today's standards.

Everyone dreams of becoming rich -- someday you would have huge, sprawling mansions, fancy cars, and plenty of money. What about having an expensive Rolex watch or jewelry? How many movies are there showing a person hitting the jackpot or striking it rich after years of hard work, and one of the first things that they'd do with their newfound riches is to buy a Rolex?


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